Steve Peterson - Resumé
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As a retired scientist & engineer I hope to show the beauty in both nature and technology through photography. To this end I use both film and digital media, in sub 35 mm (digital), and 35 mm, 6X7 cm and 4X5 inch (film) formats. In the accompanying portfolio you can see my photographs, from chromosomes at 2000x to a galactic nebula and objects in between. I enjoy solving the technical problems associated with difficult imaging situations.  Special apparatus can be assembled to meet your specific requirements.

Photographic Resume; Stephen Peterson, Ph.D.

Freelance photographer; Las Vegas Optic, Las Vegas, N.M. 1963

Exhibit; St Johns Arts & Culture Center, St Johns NFLD, Canada 1974

Photomicroscopy Course, Memorial University, NFLD, 1975

Photo-technology course, National Camera, 1976

“Mother and Child, 1969” Purchased by the National Film Board of Canada for world tour in Canadian Embassies, 1976-1977

Biomedical Photography Course, Biological Photographic Association, Brooks Institute, School of Photographic Arts & Science, Santa Barbara, 1977

Article; “Caplin Scull” Newfoundland’s Rite of Spring, Nature Canada, July/September 1978, pp17-19

Biomedical Photographer, Utah Biomedical Test Laboratory, Brochures and           documentary photography, 1976-1978


Project Turn, 1977
Microcircuit Laboratory, UURI, Salt Lake 1978
Nexion, Inc. Salt Lake, 1990
Opto Technologies, 2000

1980, US Patent  4,269,209, Photographic Print Washer

Summitek, manufacturing and selling photographic products, 1980-present,

Article: Image Sharpness and Focusing the View Camera, Photo Techniques, March/April, 1995, pp 51-53

Published Portfolio: Photovision, Art & Technique, “Roadside Attractions”, October 2000, pp 30-37

Associate Editor, Photovision, Art & Technique, August 2000- December 2003

Photo Hints column,        
Photovision, July/August, 2000. pp 64-65
Photovision, Sept/Oct, 2000, p 51
Photovision, Jan/Feb, 2001, pp 58-59
Photovision, Mar/Apr, 2001, p 54

Tools & Techniques column,
Photovision, May/June, 2001, p 54
Zone focusing zoom lenses, Photovision, July/Aug, 2001, p53
Focusing the view camera, Photovision, Sept/Oct, 2001, p 57
Al Weber Workshop, Photovision, Jan/Feb, 2002, p 56
Tips, Photovision, Mar/Apr, 2002, pp52-53
Filters, Photovision, May/June, 2002, pp 52-53
Reciprocity failure, Photovision, July/Aug, 2002, pp 50-51
Photo-backpacks, Photovision, Sept/Oct, 2002, pp50-51
Darkroom remedies, Photovision, Nov/Dec, 2002, p58
Darkroom Water, Photo sites, Photovision, Jan/Feb, 2003, pp 56-57
Spot metering, Photovision, Mar/Apr, 2003, pp 52-53
Print bleaching, Photovision, May/June, 2003, pp 52-53
Getting close, Photovision, Sept/Oct 2003,pp 52-53
Assembling a camera system, Photovision, Nov/Dec, 2003, pp 56-57

Workshops attended:

Al Weber, Victor School, 1980
Brent Herridge, Photographic Illustration, Victor School, 1981
Tom Till, 1990, Brianhead, UT
Joe Englander, 1995, Oregon Coast
Bruce Barnbaum, Huntington Witherill, Jay Dusard, Don Kirby, Arizona-Utah View Camera, 1996
Bruce Barnbaum, Don Kirby, Printing and Darkroom, 1998
John Sexton, Ray McSavaney, Anne Larson, Southwest Landscape, 1999
Bruce Barnbaum, Jay Dusard, Ray McSavaney, Death Valley, Owens    Valley, 2000
Al Weber, Owens Valley, 2001
Tom Till, Colorado River, 2005