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The recent surge in digital cameras and “electronic darkrooms” has resulted in so few sales of real darkroom products that it is no longer possible for me to cover expenses. Summitek will no longer manufacture and sell darkroom products. Product support will continue as long as reasonable but is rarely needed. For that support contact Steve at: ki7l atsign I want to thank past customers for their business over these past 28 years. It has been gratifying to get to know and support the work of serious photographers!

Note! Some products may be available again! John Glodowski, my plastics fabricator, is willing to take orders directly. Contact him at Ask for pricing and delivery schedule.




Darkroom Easel

The Darkroom Easel has been discontinued.

The Cascade Photographic Print & Sheet Film Washer

The Cascade washes films & fiber based & RC prints uniformly.

The Cradle

Sold out, no more in stock

Easy Frame & Lens Selector

Use this product to frame a photograph, select lenses and determine tripod setup locations.

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