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Darkroom Easel &
Easy Frame & Lens Selector

The Easy Frame & Lens Selector (EFLS) is shown bottom left in the photo. About the size of a 4x5 negative, the EFLS has an aperture ratio equivalent to 4x5 in, 6x7 cm and 4.5x6 cm film formats.

The EFLS is used to find (frame) a photograph, select the appropriate lens and determine the location to shoot from, all without unpacking camera, lens or setting up your tripod. The frame is made of gray Sintra plastic, 1/8 inch thick, and is equipped with a braided cord that lets you locate the frame at distances from your eye that correspond to the field of view of your various lenses. Both horizontal and vertical formats are accommodated.

The EFLS comes with a table of angles of view for various lenses and formats, and complete instructions as to how to customize the EFLS for your format and lens set. The back surface of the EFLS can be used to conveniently hold tables of reciprocity corrections, filter factors and the like.

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The Darkroom Easel (DE) is made of thick, white, chemical resistant Sintra (foam core PVC) and is equipped with a triangular stand that is stable in curved bottom sinks. It comes with a 21 x 25 inch working surface, which accommodates prints 20 x 24 inches or smaller. The DE disassembles for low profile storage. The unit requires 16 inches of sink or tray space behind the working surface which is either 21 or 25 inches wide depending on whether you have the working surface positioned vertically or horizontally.

The DE is used to hold prints for squeegeeing to evaluate proper exposure and development and to hold the print during bleaching operations. Bleaching is a technique that allows enhancement of contrast, globally or locally, and reduction or removal of unwanted silver image in a print. The following references describe the bleaching process: Adams, The Print, NYGS, 1983; Horenstein, Beyond Basic Photography, Little, Brown, 1977; Hattersley, Photographic Printing, Prentice Hall, 1977; Creative Darkroom Techniques, Kodak, 1973; and Barnbaum, The Art of Photography, Kendall/Hunt, 1994. Additional articles by Barnbaum have appeared recently in Photo Techniques.

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