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The Cascade Photographic
Print & Sheet Film Washer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Cascade washer be used out of the sink?
Yes; under normal operation water flows into and out of the washer via two hoses. Draining is another issue. All washers come with drain plugs at each end. If the washer is in the sink or next to the sink, just remove the plugs to drain. The CW2024 comes with a bottom drain and extra hose with an in-line valve. You can run the hose to a nearby drain. To drain the smaller washers away from the sink you can; remove partitions and bail the water out, siphon the water out, or ask me for a couple of drain plugs that have a small brass tube attached to which the hose can be attached. You will need to supply the hose and a pinch clamp (black spring type paper clip).
Will the prints stick to the smooth partitions?
Yes they can but independent tests by David Vestal and Steve Anchell suggest that this does not matter. You should be washing for about 1 hour and during that time fixer seems to have time to diffuse through the emulsion (usually it is the back of the print that sticks to the partition). If you still worry about this ask for "dimpled partitions" but that material costs more.

- Stephen Peterson